Reduce energy cost up to 30% by minimizing the temperature differential from the ceiling to the floor. Dropping temperatures up to 15ºF.

While air movement does not lower the actual temperature in a space, the perceived evaporative cooling effect created by moving a high volume of air at a low speed over your skin can make a person feel up to 15º cooler!

SkyBlade Fans work with existing cooling systems by allowing the occupant to raise their thermostat set points and save 30% or more on their energy costs while maintaining a comfortable temperature at occupant level!

No existing cooling system? No problem! You will still benefit from the cooling effects of SkyBlade Fans! In many cases, SkyBlade Fans are used as an alternative to expensive cooling systems!

Specifying SkyBlade Fans during new construction can also save builders by reducing the required HVAC tonnage and duct work for an area.


No existing cooling system? No problem!